Indulge in the Exotic Luxury Frangrance of 50 Roses per Drop

Now Available: 100% Pure Bulgarian Rose Oil
Origin: Bulgaria
Plant: Rosa Damascena, petals (analysis)


  • Nature's perfect perfume and fragrance
  • Prized substance in aromatherapy & natural medicine
  • Ideal for skin and hair care
  • Strongly associated with the heart, romance, healing and peace of mind
  • Highly concentrated with the oil of 50+ roses in each drop!

Fall in love with the world's best rose oil.

This intoxicatingly potent essential oil is perfect for your aromatherapy, cosmetic and fragrance needs.

Rose oil is known to benefit the skin, hair and overall health & beauty. It helps against anxiety, depression, grief and tension by soothing the emotions and promoting energetic balance.

Aroma: a light and sweet, complex floral aroma with earthy hints of honey and spice.

General usage: dilute sparingly into other oils, cosmetic products or perfumes. Each drop goes a long way in your diffuser or other aromatherapy applications – be careful not to overpower other fragrances!

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Batch: 2018

AppearanceFluid transparent liquid above the congealing point
OdorTypical of Bulgarian Rose Oil
Contents of characteristic ingredients (by GC-analysis), %:
Phenylethyl alcohol1.17
n-Paraffins (C17 + C19 + C20 + C21 + C23)24.66

The tested sample is pure (100%) genuine natural Bulgarian rose oil, corresponding to the norms of the Bulgarian state standard.

Benefits & Uses of Rose Oil

Pure rose essential oil offers so many benefits for a healthy body and mind. It's no wonder we are naturally attracted to its aroma! For many years it has been a key ingredient in popular perfumes and cosmetic products around the world.

Rose Oil for Healthy Skin

  • Prevents moisture loss (natural moisturizer)
  • Reduces appearance of wrinkles and imperfections
  • Cleanses and detoxifies skin
  • Rejuvenates and supports overall skin health
How to Use

DIY Rose Oil Skin Care Products

Try adding 3-5 drops of rose otto into a simple skin cream, body wash, lotion or scrub – and enjoy the difference it makes! For single treatments like a face mask, 2-3 drops is advised. If you make your own soaps, just a couple drops of rose oil can turn a simple bar into a luxury item.

Rose Oil for Healthy Hair

  • Cleans, detoxifies and strengthens hair & follicles
  • Helps against hair loss and thinning
How to Use

DIY Rose Oil Hair Care Products

For a hair mask, mix in 3-5 drops rose oil (depending on amount of hair treated). You can also add a few drops to your favorite shampoo or conditioner.

Rose Oil for the Heart, Mind & Spirit

  • Reinforces positive mood and emotions
  • Supports feelings of tranquility, love and romance
  • Has been correlated with decreased cortisol, and reduced stress & blood pressure
  • Stimulates libido
How to Use

Attributes & Properties of Rose Oil

Anti Aging


The main components (citronellol, geraniol and nerol) of the rose oil are the reason why it’s a gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria killer. Rose absolute also show great antibacterial properties due to high phenylethyl alcohol content.


Rose oil is a helpful partner in maintaining the blood glucose levels. They increase sometimes due to stress or nervous states. The rose calms and gives tranquility both to the body and mind. Using the oil as the main ingredient in footbaths or massages improves blood circulation and may reduce the impact of diabetic peripheral neuropathy pain.


Studies have shown antiepileptic effects in the rosa damascena oil. It’s components geraniol and eugenol contribute to its property to reduce the frequency of epileptic seizures.




Provides relief for cramps, convulsions, muscle spasms, coughs and respiratory infections.





This oil is undoubtedly considered a remedy for good sleep. Using a couple of drops in an aroma lamp will help you find peace and give you a sense of relaxation and relief. It is perfect for a deep calm sleep and sweet dreams.


Unsurprisingly, the queen of flowers is associated with the feminine from unknown times. Rose oil has properties that help many feminine conditions. It balances irregular menstruation and sudden changes in the mood. It purifies the uterus and contributes to its proper function.


Rose oil is helpful to the digestive system is many ways. It’s laxative effects prevent stomach congestion and abdominal pains. Using it helps maintaining weight and detoxification of the body.


Rose oil has been used in aromatherapy and eastern alternative medicine. Its ability to give a feeling of tranquility makes it a great for calming anxiety. The aroma will help you relax and give relief from worrisome thoughts.


Consistent use improves the area around the eyes and decreases wrinkles. Its positive effects for eye problems have been observed for centuries by the Ayurvedic system of medicine.




  • If your rose oil has become solid, don't worry! It's expected for pure oils below 73.4º F. You can hold the vial in your warm hands until it melts, or carefully use a hair dryer to liquify it slowly, from a distance – to fully preserve its natural qualities, do not expose it to high temperatures or direct heat.
  • When your vial is almost empty, add a liquified carrier like coconut oil into the vial. Shake it to mix with the residual rose oil – now you can enjoy every last drop.
  • CAUTION: rose essential oil is more pure than other extracts which contain alcohol and other solvents, for example: rose absolute (contains alcohol), rose essence, rose fragrance, and similarly worded products. They are not the same as pure Bulgarian rose oil/otto and should not be inhaled, ingested, or applied directly to the body.
  • For topical applications, dilute or mix with a carrier oil before applying to skin. Do not apply directly to skin.
  • Keep away from children. Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding.
Bulgarian Rose Otto

Superior Quality by Leading Rose Oil Producer

Pure rose oil, or rose otto, is extracted by steam distillation of fresh roses and requires more than 50,000 roses to produce a single ounce of pure oil. That's more than 50 roses in each drop! This explains its potent effect, rarity and higher price per volume compared to other essential oils. Containing over 300 natural compounds, rose oil is truly a highly concentrated, wonderful substance.

Not all rose oils are created equal

The costly nature of producing rose oil attracts dishonest sellers. The product is often full of synthetic compounds or additives to add weight. Not only is this an illegal practice, but it could be dangerous to your health.

Be wary of inexpensive rose oils which are often:

1) Made from other parts of the rose, not the petals which yield the highest quality oil
2) Made from other roses than the prized Bulgarian rosa damascena
3) Adulterated by additives and synthetic ingredients

Buy with confidence – our product comes from a leading, reputable producer of rose oil in Bulgaria.


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