Chamomile Essential Oil


The therapeutic properties of Roman chamomile oil are antiinfectious, antiinflammatory, antiparasitic, calming, relaxing.

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Appearanceclear liquid
Colourpale yellow
Odorspecific, fruity, of Roman chamomile
Relative density, g/cm30,900 – 0,920
Refractive index (20 °C)1,4380 – 1,4460
Optical rotation (20 °C), °Cfrom -2 to +3
Solubility in 90% ethanol (V/V)1:0,6
Acid value, mg KOH/gnot more than 8
Ester value, mg KOH/gnot more than 340
Contents of characteristic ingredients (by GC), %:  
Butylates and angelatesmore than 60
α-pineneless than 8
β-pineneless than 5
Limoneneless than 5
Myrceneless than 5

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5 ml