Obtained through the distillation of rose petals of Rosa damascene bush, rose water is a natural tonic with useful, calming and hydrating effect for all skin types, even sensitive. Three liters rose water natural added to 37-40°C hot water in a bath or jacuzzi with its unique fragrance leaves a pleasant feeling of pleasure, beauty and youth. A soaked pad on the face energizes, refreshes and revitalizes all skin types even sensitive ones.

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Appearancetransprent fluid
Colourlight yellow
Odorspecific of pine tree
Relative density, g/cm3from 0,860 to 0,870
Refractive index (20 °C)from 1,4725 to 1,4765
Optical rotation (20 °C), 0from -19 to -25
Solubility in 90% ethanol (V/V)1:10
Acid value, mg KOH/gno more than 1,0
Ester value, mg KOH/gfrom 5,0 to 15,0
Contents of characteristic ingredients (by GC), %:   
α-pinenemore than 30
β-pinenemore than 15

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