Bulgarian Rose Oil


Fall in love with the world’s best rose oil.

This intoxicatingly potent essential oil is perfect for your aromatherapy, cosmetic and fragrance needs.

Rose oil is known to benefit the skin, hair and overall health & beauty. It helps against anxiety, depression, grief and tension by soothing the emotions and promoting energetic balance.

Aroma: a light and sweet, complex floral aroma with earthy hints of honey and spice.

General usage: dilute sparingly into other oils, cosmetic products or perfumes. Each drop goes a long way in your diffuser or other aromatherapy applications – be careful not to overpower other fragrances!

Now is your chance to get some for a great low price!

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Grown and produced in Bulgaria’s famous Rose Valley

Resting between two mountain ranges in Central Bulgaria, the Valley of Roses provides rich soil and the ideal natural climate for cultivating a delightfully aromatic species of rose named rosa damascena or Damask Rose.

Great efforts are required to make rose oil, and each year the supply is limited depending on the harvest conditions. Most other species of rose do not yield much oil at all, so this region enjoys a great advantage in the production of the precious liquid.

The livelihood of people in the area depends on each new season, and the harvest is celebrated for several weeks in a Festival of Roses with food, music, dance, and local products. With the respect and reverence held for roses, there is no better place to buy pure rose essential oil!

Batch: 2018

AppearanceFluid transparent liquid above the congealing point
OdorTypical of Bulgarian Rose Oil
Contents of characteristic ingredients (by GC-analysis), %:
Phenylethyl alcohol1.17
n-Paraffins (C17 + C19 + C20 + C21 + C23)24.66

The tested sample is pure (100%) genuine natural Bulgarian rose oil, corresponding to the norms of the Bulgarian state standard.

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